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Good property investment can set you for life. There's no doubt property prices have fallen in the past, but when you have a long-term horizon, property will only work its way up.

The current fall in prices is due to the shortage of affordable finance and not due to a lack of demand for property. First-time buyers still want to buy; existing homeowners still want to trade up.

Here's what the UK Department of Records has to say: In the last 32 years, property has risen in 28 years and fallen only in four!

Here are a few more facts and figures that will help disperse your doubts about property investment…

  • The average annual increase in house prices since 1956 has been 8.5%. Simply put, if you purchased a house in London for £1000 50 years ago, it will be worth more than £1 million in today's market.
  • The last 50 years has seen UK inflation go up by 1,689%. While house prices have surged ahead by 22,000%, the stock market has grown by a paltry 2,700%.
  • According to the Office of National Statistics, rental value has gone up by an average 13% per year since 1962.
  • With rising prices in every facet of life, buyers are being pushed out of the market and the rental market is primed to grow by 40% in the next year.
  • According to a Housing Figures Study the average house price is expected to grow from £101,161 to £300,643 by 2020.
  • There is a current shortage of 4 million homes in the UK. With the projected 10% rise in population by 2030, demand will way exceed supply.