Investment Option 3 - Below Market Value Investment

How can you close your eyes to great property buys that are going for bargain prices?

The property sourcing team at Nicholson Investments uses its extensive knowledge and contacts to identify good investment properties in areas of high capital growth and excellent rental yields.

We look to secure property with at least a 25% discount of 'present' market value. We ethically source residential, commercial and buy-to-let properties to give our clients, with diverse profiles, a range of properties to choose from. These properties are available in the UK and overseas.

These great investment buys are mainly sourced from distressed sellers whose properties are about to go into re-possession. For each property the Nicholson team will prepare a summary of selling points, including size of rooms, yield, potential capital growth, re-habilitation costs and fee for re-finance.

Investors can consider buying these heavily discounted properties to hold or flip at a later stage. They will have to pay us a finder's fee for buying these properties from us. We can find, negotiate, purchase, refurbish, let, manage and administer the properties for our clients on an ongoing long-term basis, until they want to sell or refinance them to crystalise their significant profits.

Be rest assured, our reliability in the business is second to none.

Investors who will benefit from this scheme…

  • Those who want to buy a property for themselves as a first time buyer, a first home or just an investment property for passive income
  • Those who are not aware of the range of properties that are priced below market

How you benefit from 'below market value' investment

  • Every property provides an instant equity profit
  • Generates monthly income stream
  • Long-term capital growth vehicle
  • Invested capital is secure; renovated value of asset is greater than purchase price
  • Your investment is sourced using ethical means only

If you require further details on this scheme please register with us or contact us on 0207193 4204