Investment Option 2 - Joint Property Venture

We, at Nicholson Investments, offer you the chance to take advantage of this ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ and join us in our property investments and developments in the UK and overseas.

Our investors provide the capital needed to fund both the purchase and renovation of each property. Our role in the ‘Joint Venture’ is to provide all associated services to ensure that you get a 100% capital guarantee and % returns on proceeds after resale.

We will identify below market value properties and buy these discounted residential assets using our cash purchasing power which allows us to command a discount from the RICS market value. We use various strategies to achieve great discounts for ourselves and our Joint Venture partners.

We use hand-picked construction teams to ensure quality renovation of all our properties to have the best chance at resale or attracting the best tenants. What we do is very simple – we ingeniously use several teams skilled in diverse fields and bring them together to generate exceptional results. Quarterly dividends will be paid directly to you!

This investment scheme option is perfect for all investors, but would be most useful to the following type of investors;

  • Individuals who are not are partner-averse because we at Nicholson Investments believe partners are valuable and teams accomplish more. Partners help spread your risk by allowing you to own smaller positions in a number of properties rather than a big position in just one.
  • Those who want to be more involved in property investments and will enjoy working as a team with other property investors.
  • For those who prefer a passive, hands-off approach to property investment because we step in to play their role.

How you benefit from a Joint Property Venture

  • Remarkable returns vs risks. Exceptional security to both parties
  • Returns will depend on amount of invested capital
  • Gives secured return over set period to investor
  • No deposit required and invested capital 100% guaranteed
  • All fees are billed after completion of purchase and renovations
  • Asset value greater than sum invested by investor

This Joint Property Venture that we offer is a very safe, asset-backed, well-covered strategy and provides higher returns to the more adventurous investor.

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