How Not To Lose Your Money

The only way to combat price rise due to foreign debt and inflation is to ensure that your savings are invested and re-invested regularly. Over a period of time, returns from a passive savings account cannot keep pace with rising inflation, and as a result, your money depreciates in value.

Savings Account – An Eyewash

To qualify for a good interest rate on a savings account, you will have to deposit your money for a fixed period. The interest rate is also subject to many terms and conditions such as amount of savings, permanent UK address, good credit etc. Even if you make the cut, the interest rate you're looking at is only a meagre 2-3.8%.

So think again! It's your bank that profits more from your money sitting in a savings account than you!

You need to make your money work for you and the best way to do this is to invest and re-invest it regularly so that it grows without adding to the capital.

Bottomline: Always save to invest, don't tuck it away in a savings account!

Stock Market – Risky Business

Investing in stocks is risky business. There are systemic inherent risks associated with investing in equities that you cannot control. You have to contend with economic risks, inflation and market value risks.

These risks affect the market or the economy and require investors to adjust portfolios or simply weather the storm. One risk that is most difficult to avoid is the possibility that a change in economic conditions can hurt your portfolio.

Most economic risks present themselves over time, but others can happen without warning. Following the market bust in 2000 and the terrorist attacks in 2001, global economy tanked and heavy losses shook investor confidence.

Why loose sleep and endure the anxiety triggered by these risks?

Nicholson Investments gives you an opportunity to invest in low risk property-based schemes with equally good or even better returns on your investment.

Bottomline: Stocks are risky and volatile and cause unnecessary anxiety!

How Does The Recession Affect You?

  • The banks are not lending money to individuals or new businesses. If at all they do, the interest rates are very high and unaffordable.
  • There is a risk that even banks may go bust and you may lose your savings.
  • There will be continued stock market uncertainties until there is sustained growth in both the UK and worldwide economies.
  • Employment in the UK public sector will continue to fall. As a result, there will be a surplus of skilled workers and wages will reduce.
  • The effects of the downturn are notably unemployment and debt which will lead to increased levels of poverty.

Bottomline: Tide Over the Recession With Our Incomparable Investment Options!

On The Gloomy Side

The present economic climate in the UK is arguably the worst that the country has witnessed in the last 60 years. The international economic environment faces serious challenges and the crisis is predicted to continue for another three to four years. Some forecasters in the UK expect the economy to gradually pick up from the slump. But in view of the fall in public expenditure and rise in unemployment, it is impossible to ignore red alerts from other analysts who predict a "double-dip" and "return to recession".

On the Bright Side

Nicholson Investments offers you an opportunity to make money even in a gloomy market. The only way to tide over these tough times is to have goals and to put a plan in place to make them happen.

Once you have decided how much you need by when, let us step in and guide you through an investment plan to make your dreams a reality!

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By

At present, the property market in the UK and USA is in turmoil. Property prices have hit rock bottom and there is no better time than now to invest in property and capitalise on this opportunity!

So, act fast as you may never see this property market again! Investing in property has created more millionaires than any other form of investment because of its many advantages. It is a powerful system to build a passive income and minimise tax burden. You can consider it the most secure investment and reliable wealth creator!

The UK distressed property sales market is ideal for investors looking to buy well-priced residential and commercial properties that command good rents and potential for long-term growth.

Special reductions and slashed prices are available in both the new builds and re-sale markets, allowing investment opportunities at the lowest possible entry levels.

As mortgage deposits have become unaffordable, many people choose to rent property instead. This creates a ready market for buy-to-let investors today.

During the slump in 2008, UK rental yields averaged 6.4% per annum. This brought in steady rental income which adds to capital growth in the eventual resale years later. Investors who can afford to wait will benefit from an inevitable market upturn in the future.