Investment Option 1 – Fixed Investment With Fixed % Return

Under this scheme, our investors' monies are put together to purchase a range of investment properties. You get an opportunity to invest in property, whatever be your circumstances. We specialise in acquiring assets in the UK and overseas, and developing commercial and residential property.

Invest your money with us for a fixed period with a fixed % return on your capital investment at the end of the term. Or you can opt to receive an immediate monthly return on your investment as an income. This is far more than you would receive from money sitting in your savings account.

This investment scheme option is perfect for all investors, but would be most useful to the following type of investors;

  • Those who have limited capital and who want their limited capital to grow or provide them with a monthly income
  • Those who can't invest in property because they cannot raise a mortgage or do not have enough capital to buy property
  • Those who want to invest, but don't want the hassle of property purchase, tenants, regulations, and the legal aspect pitfalls
  • Those who are looking to raise a deposit to buy a house (most mortgage lenders demand a minimum of 25% deposit and proof of a sizable income to lend you money)
  • Those who need to raise money for a special occasion, like a wedding
  • Those planning a long well-deserved holiday at the end of the year

What your money will be invested in…

  • Your money will be utilised for lease options, buying derelict buildings, buying auction properties, re-possessed properties, commercial properties and development of new properties.

How you benefit from a joint investment fund

  • Start earning an immediate income from your investment
  • A large % return on your investments
  • Requires no time of yours to be invested, you leave the hard work to us
  • Your investments are secured and risk free
  • You will have peace of mind as your investments will be managed by experts

If you require further details on this scheme please register with us or contact us on…