Become An Investor

Nicholson Investments opens its doors to anyone who wants to invest in property to secure their future. You may be young, old, have poor credit or very little capital to invest, but we assure you that our team can help you to invest and become a property investor.

We offer 3 well-tailored investment options. Choose what suits you best!

Investment option 1

Fixed Investment Scheme: Invest your money with us for a fixed period with a fixed % return on your capital investment at the end of the term.

Investment option 2

Joint Property Venture: If you are a property investor then you can join us with our property investments and developments. We find properties for investors to buy with us and they will get a % return on proceeds from the sale of that property.

Investment option 3

Below Market Value Investment: We will identify great investment properties, valued less than market, primed for sale in the UK & overseas. We also have properties on sale which investors can consider buying.

Click on the option which interests you most for further details