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The Nicholson Service

Team up with Nicholson Investments and enter a world of investment proposals designed to make your money grow! You no longer have to be content with your money tied up in a savings account or stocks, with little or no return.

Simple Concept -- Amazing Returns

Our vision is to bring investors together to create and sustain wealth using a simple and logical system with minimal risks – and that is property-based investment.

Over the last several decades, real estate has out-performed all other types of investments. It is by far the most lucrative, secure and reliable forms of investments. We invest using tried, tested and proven models of investments to achieve high returns for our investors.

Right now, we are caught in the midst of a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to buy property at rock bottom prices.

Let Nicholson Investments share their expertise with you to invest in the right property at the right time!

The Nicholson Approach

We tackle every potential investment opportunity with the goal of maximising profits to investors, while reducing associated risks.

We achieve this by using unique and structured strategies and leveraging current market conditions where possible, to benefit the investor. This is where we differ from regular estate agents or sales organisations dealing in property.

Our strategies are specifically designed to generate strong returns in rising, volatile, flat and even falling market conditions.

Our investment schemes are unique because they offer quicker and unparalleled returns on your investment, unlike paper assets, stocks, shares or investments in businesses, which take years to appreciate.

Why let your money depreciate in value sitting in a savings account? Turn to us and we will assure you a secure investment that will appreciate quickly.

The Global Network

We have been successfully working with investors in property from diverse backgrounds and countries since 2005. Our investment schemes are suitable for investors with differing levels of investment capital and we guarantee that there is no discrimination based on levels of capital invested.

We are continually expanding our portfolio of investors from both the UK and overseas. We have overseas investors from India, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.

Long-term Objective

Our goal is to nurture client confidence in the Nicholson team and to expand our group of investors to generate a large portfolio of investment properties both residential/commercial in the UK and overseas.

So hop aboard, and let us put your investment anxieties to rest. You can trust Nicholson Investments with your savings, a secure investment and a long-term partnership.

The Team

Nicholson Investments has expanded from a small family business to a large dynamic team of skilled and experienced property investors. We believe in developing long-standing relationships with our investors and business partners.

We have our own in-house team of legal experts, surveyors, developers, contractors, buyers, sellers, estate agents, letting agents and tax advisors.

You will be able to take full advantage of the team's expertise in making sound investments that generate excellent medium to long-term returns.

Charity Work

'Giving back' is a fundamental principle and philosophy of Nicholson Investments. We are committed to sparing a little time every year to charitable or pro-bono work, sharing business knowledge and expertise in order to help others.

We want to reinvest some of our time and money into giving others a helping hand. A little can go such a long way.

Nicholson Investments donates 10% of net profits to charity every year.

Disclaimer Notice IMPORTANT NOTE: Nicholson Investments Limited is not providing financial advice regulated by the Financial Services Authority. All information provided has been obtained solely from our own experience of investing in real estate. It is provided as general information only and is not intended as investment advice. Before making any decisions based on the information provided, you should consult or take independent legal and financial advice. Nicholson Investments is a transparent organisation and is clear in stating that the company's activities are not regulated by the UK FSA (Financial Services Authority) or equivalent regulatory body within an alternative jurisdiction